Lifestyle photography by Andy

Maternity, family portrait, bourdoir, coorporate photography

 Photography service is base on skill & talent of the photographer.  These fees reflect the skill and the experience needed to deliver such artistic work.  When you choose Home For Brides, you can feel confident that the value of the photos you receive will far exceed the cost. Also, the confident and knowledge to know that your photographer will be present on your wedding day is priceless.  

With that being said, we would like to thank you for being courteous & respectful to our pricing that we deserve.  We put a great amount of care and hard work into each of our weddings and refuse to provide less than our best work.


Package start at $600

1) up to 2 continuous hours on the day of the shoot.

2) Unlimited pictures taken at the shoot & your copyright to print anything.

3) Guarantee to have At Least 100 final Images. Each Image will be Edit for color enhancement & Bright/Darkness corrected / contrast on all images ready for you to print.

4) You will receive High resolution images files and the file is ready for you to print large phototo as large as 24 inches x 32 inches.

5) photograph by Andy

6) 1 location - Up to 6 people - Bourdoir photography is for 1 person only.